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NSO Art & Minds Wind Trio

Postcards from a blue planet

A Flute, a Clarinet and a Bassoon walk into your school . . .
with Postcards from a Blue Planet, a new work by Canadian Kevin Lau! 

“It was so cool and amazing to see such a talented group of people. Postcards from a blue planet was such a cool concept. Each time you played when I closed my eyes I was transported to new places filled with magic, adventure and creativity. I enjoyed it very much so I would like to say thank you for coming to our school.” – Student from Winger Public School

The Niagara Symphony Orchestra continues its renowned in-school programming with new faces, new instruments and a brand new work written especially for the Trio.  Developed for students in grades 4 to 8, the hour-long performance showcases a variety of wind instruments – a flute, clarinet and bassoon, of course, but also world flutes, saxophone and contrabassoon! – while guiding junior and intermediate students to discover musical forms and genres.  The performance begins with wind instrument demonstrations, features Postcards from a Blue Planet, and concludes with a Q & A.

The NSO Arts & Minds Wind Trio in-school concert supports the music curriculum, and makes valuable cross-curricular connections to other areas of study.  A comprehensive study guide, provides educators with pre-and-post performance information and activities to enhance the experience.  The performance and study guide also offer the rare opportunity to hear a new musical creation, explore the art of composition – and of course, meet members of the NSO!

The students at Harriet Tubman Public School were entirely focused on the trio’s performance of Postcards from a Blue Planet. You could have heard a pin drop in the gymnasium. Not only was it an incredible learning experience for our students but it was also the cultural experience of a lifetime.” – Tom Reynolds, Vice Principal Harriet Tubman Public School


“The Arts and Minds Wind Trio was an enriching and stimulating journey for our students.” – Mark Bridges, Principal, Smith Public School

The NSO thanks Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation, our generous Music in the Schools sponsor, for making this initiative possible.  Thanks are also extended to the Regional Municipality of Niagara for development support through their Niagara Investment in Culture programme.

2019 Tour runs January to May; for information and applications, please contact Brody Smith, Education & Outreach Coordinator:  [email protected] | 905-687-4993 ext. 223

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