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Janice Fralick

Janice Frolic

Horn 2

2nd French Horn Chair supported by Neil Deland

Janice Fralick started playing piano at the age of four, and later voice, in her home county of Simcoe. At the age of 13, after inquisitively watching her younger brother learning to play the trumpet, she decided to try playing a brass instrument to figure out how one could play more than three notes if you only had three keys! She joined the “Cowhand Band” in Alliston, ON and was given a white cowboy hat and an E-flat alto horn to start with, until the director, Arthur Burgin (former horn player with the Toronto Symphony), encouraged her to switch to the French horn. During high school, she studied with Barbara Bloomer, of the Toronto Symphony, and was a regular member of the Toronto Horn Club. Janice also played with the Huronia Symphony, where she first met her trombone-playing husband in grade eleven. While at the University of Toronto, she studied with Graeme Page of the Canadian Brass, and John Simonelli, of the Toronto Symphony, and was also a member of the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra. Her musical training took her travelling; to the Banff School of Fine Arts, Hawaii with Symphony Canada, and across southern Ontario with the Canadian Opera Company performing “La Cenerentola”. After graduating, Janice pursued a teaching career which spanned the next 33 years; teaching vocal, strings & instrumental music, mathematics, and also horticulture with a Special Needs program. She started playing with the Niagara Symphony in 1980, and has also performed with the World Rock Symphony Orchestra, the International Horn Festival, Chorus Niagara, and is a member of the “Canzona Brass” which plays ceremonies here in the Niagara Region. As well as being the French Horn instructor at Brock University, she also has a private studio where she teaches french horn and piano.